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You can't dive into a swimming pool without getting wet

 I just now joined this community and wanted to share a thought about what the program has done for me.

As the subject mentions it is impossible to dive into a swimming pool without getting wet and even when you get out of the pool you are still wet for awhile.  In many regards, I look at AA and its spiritual principals in much the same way. Every time I share with someone else in the program of recovery, I dip into a pool of spirituality and humility that I can not help but get "wet" from doing so. AA and its 12 steps and traditions are my swimming pool of humility and spirituality that the longer I have been around it, the more I want to regularly refresh myself in that "pool."

My compulsion to drink was relived quite a few days ago and God willing, I don't die or drink in the next 16 days I will have 16 years of climbing the steps.  The longer I have been around the more I want what sobriety has to offer and as I "trudge the road to Happy Destiny" I realize that today's reprieve that can only come from  a Higher Power is not just from alcohol but it is from those things in life which led me to the "isms" of alcohol addiction. For that I am forever and humbly grateful.

I spend slightly over half my time working offshore on 5 week rotations where I am at sea for 5 weeks and then home for 5 weeks (though the travel time comes out of my time "off") so  I frequently have to go long stretches without being able to attend a meeting.  Hopefully, this community will provide me a good alternative when I am away and desire a dip in the pool. :)

Thanks for letting me share.
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