crosshatch (sheeppainter) wrote in twelvers,

3rd step decision

I remember a decade ago sitting ina meeting, confused, angry and irritated by hearing people discuss that third step and saying shit like, "Just turn it over."
What the hell does that mean?
I shared and I was pissed. All I heard was circular logic and people talking out thier ass. At least that was my perspective ay the time. No one would explain to me what that meant and what the hell it had to do with the third step. Do I just sit back on my ass and do nothing? That was what it seemed like I was hearing.

A decision is not a decision if not followed by action. Without action, its just a good intention. And we probably all know what our good intentions have gotten us.
Faith without works is dead. Period.

How do I turn my will and my life over to God? I let God direct my thinking and guide me and provide me with the needed power that I lack (powerless).
How do i let God direct me and give me strength? The same way I would ghet help from anyone. Starting with communication. By building a relationship, listening and ask for help, and following His direction.
How do I get that direction? Prayer and mediation.
How do I gain power from Him?
By finding out what it is that blocks me from God and others. And then asking Gods help in removing that by taking more action.
How do I do all that and grow in my relationship with God.

The only way I know that works is the twelve steps. That is what they are designed for.

So what is the proof positive that I have made the decision to turn my will and life over?

I've completed, and practice the twelve steps. All of them.
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